Growing, selling, and planting trees has always been a part of our design-build landscaping business. We operate a local 25 acre growing field in the production of shade, ornamental, and evergreen trees which we use in our landscaping jobs, and sell direct to wholesale and retail customers from our sales lot.


Autumn Blaze Maple 3 1/2″ $279
Autumn Fantasy Maple 3 1/2″ $279
Sienna Glen Maple 3″ $270
Sienna Glen Maple 3 1/2″ $315
October Glory Maple. 2″ $160; 2 1/2″ $200
Red Sunset Maple 2″ $160; 2 1/2″ $200
Frontier Elm. 3″ $270; 3 1/2″ $315
Canada Red Chokeberry 2 1/2″ $189
Bur Oak. 3 1/2″ $298
Eastern Arborvitae (fairview) 5′ $115; 6′ $132

PARK GRADE TREES AVAILABLE — Trees with a “cosmetic” defect that disappears in time with tree growth. These are healthy, vigorous growing trees sold at a substantial discount to #1 grade trees. A great value usually not offered to the public. Contact us for availability.

Consistent uniform production of quality trees.
Green giant Arborvitae ready for harvest.
A nice block of norway spruce.
Trees in our sales yard ready for purchase. Lot is open for you to look anytime. I am in & out working so call for assistance.