Before and After Planting and Hardscape Projects.

This home needs some landscape curb appeal.
Work in progress.
A basic landscape design incorporating aesthetics with function create a pleasing curb appeal to this home.
Closed. Scheduled for a complete overhaul.
We installed a new block retainer wall, cut stone steps, and a natural stone walk to the deck entrance.
An overgrown planting in need of corrective pruning to reestablish the original look.
Back to the original intended landscape.
The appearance of, and access to, this patio was not acceptable to the homeowner and was in need of renovation.
We designed and installed a new natural stone patio with new plantings to improve the appearance.
A change in grade elevation and the installation of the stone walk provide a functional and aesthetic
access to the new patio.
This homeowner wanted a firepit with ample seating space adjacent to the existing patio in a comfortable setting.
The finished job.
The homeowner at this new residence wanted more design and interest to the front landscape.
This was our remedy to the “plain look” landscape.
Residential landscape got out of control.
A day spent with removal, new planting and lawn seeding, and we have a brand new landscape.