Landscape Projects Before & After

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Newly installed patio at existing residence
Patio needs to be its own entity from the yard.
Landscaping to provide separation from the yard and a comfortable environment on the patio.
Yard and patio are separate spaces.

Planting area at entrance is too large and hard to maintain and keep attractive.

Planting area reduced.

In need of repair. Unsightly and unsafe.

Original stones power washed and recycled.

Repair completed. Inviting and safe.

New all season porch and deck.
Customer wanted access on and off of the deck, privacy to adjoining property, and a functional landscape with little upkeep.

Project complete. Ease of access, privacy, and minimal maintenance required.

Landscaping at new residence.

New landscaping completed.

Renovation needed. Unkept and confusing.
Job completed. Neat and in order.
Landscaping at new residence.
Landscaping completed. Emphasis in the planting is directed towards the entrance.
Access from drive to front entrance not accessible. Needs work.
Problem solved. Steps, retainer wall, and walk constructed.
Road Frontage at this residence is unsightly and impossible to maintain.
Re grading the area, water swale improvement, and seeding improved the appearance and facilitated maintenance of the frontage.