Trees For Sale 2019 Season

Willits Nursery is a production grower of trees selling direct to the retail consumer. We give a “Direct From The Grower” discount of 30% to 45% off the list retail price, everyday,  on every tree that we grow and sell from our nursery.  During September, October, and November we hold our annual tree sale with additional discounts given to our everyday low pricing.

All our trees are clearly price marked, displayed in rows for easy selection, and marked with a full description sign for each variety to facilitate your selection of the perfect tree.

We offer expert assistance in selecting the right tree for your landscape use and also provide A professional in house delivery and installation service to our customers.  This will be our forty-eighth year of business in the landscaping and tree growing trade. We would greatly appreciate your business. Call Dave Willits anytime.

Deciduous B&B trees are priced according to the diameter of the trunk (caliper) and not by the height, although reference to height (hgt.) may be given. Evergreen B&B trees are priced by height. Containerized  deciduous and evergreen trees are price to the size of the container with reference to caliper and/or height usually given. Keep this in mind when doing comparisons.



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