Trees For Sale 2018 Season

Welcome to the “Trees for Sale” tab at Willits Nursery. We grow and harvest our trees from our local growing field and bring them to our sales yard on Hazelton Etna Rd. (state route 310) in Pataskala to display for customers to select and purchase.

Our emphasis is on growing a larger landscaping size tree. Since we are the grower, we offer our quality trees to our retail customers at a direct pricing level eliminating higher retail pricing. Our trees are clearly marked with the price and a photo and description card.

We are often off site working on jobs Monday thru Friday, but feel free to stop and look at our trees anytime. Call me on my cell with questions or for information. I am always at the yard on Saturday.

Thank you for your visit to our web page. I will look forward to your visit to the nursery.

Cleveland Select Pear    2″ dia. trunk,  12′ height    Retail @ $300.     Our Price @ $160.    ON SALE NOW! @ $119.
Redpointe Red Maple    3″ dia. trunk,  12-14′ height    Retail @ $510.    Our Price @ $270.    ON SALE NOW! @ $249.
Golden Weeping Willow    2″ dia. trunk,  10-12′ height    List @ $269.    Our Price @ $159.
Crimson King Norway Maple    2″dia.,  10′ height    Retail @ $358.    Our Price @ $189.
Dawn Redwood    13-15′ height    Retail @ $560.    Our Price @ $280.    ON SALE NOW! @ $189.
Ivory Silk Tree Lilac    2 1/2″ dia.,   12-14′ height    Retail @ $425.    Our Price @ $225.
Norway Spruce    8-9′ height    List @ $479.    Our Price @ $219.

Visit our yard anytime to view ALL of our trees for sale. Call Dave.
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